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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a campground is spillway group?

For groups, the Spillway Group Campground can hold groups up to 25 people. Located at the lake is a country store complete with boat rentals and a battery charging station for those who bring their own trolling motors. The store pretty much has everything you might need for a great camping trip.

Why was the Hinckley spillway built in Cleveland?

Construction of the dam started in 1926 and was built with the purpose to block water from the Rocky River to hold back enough to fill a 100-acre lake.

What's the best way to fish in Spillway Lake?

If fishing for trout, try power bait from the shore, try power bait or worms. Boaters can try trolling Super Duper or tiny gold Kastmaster lures. When it is hot during the summer, fish a little deeper, but not too deep, between 10 to 20 feet because the lake stratifies in the summer, meaning there is no oxygen at the bottom.

Are there first come first served campsites at spillway?

This entire campground is by reservation only. There are no first come first served campsites here. Spillway is well shaded by Ponderosa pine, oak, aspen and Douglas fir. A few of the campsites (19-26) are prime campsites that must be booked the day they go up on the reservation system or they will be most likely gone.

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