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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shop Fairy costumes at Spirit Halloween?

Finally get the magical moment you've always dreamed of when you shop fairy costumes at Spirit Halloween. Whether you want to be a woodland fairy or one straight out of a storybook, our kids fairy costumes are fit for all types of magical creatures. Get fantastically fairy-fied with our array of beautiful wings, dresses and sparkle.

Why should you wear a scary Halloween mask?

By adding an authentic mask, you’ll really embody the character you are trying to portray, and you’ll have scaring the neighborhood in the bag. The scariest part about a scary Halloween mask is that no one will know who is behind it. You’ll be able to scare your friends, and they won’t know that it’s you!

What to do with a blank face Halloween mask?

Create your own Halloween look for a blank face Halloween mask. You’ll be able to hide your identity, and create your own look at the same time! If you love being the class clown, a funny Halloween mask is perfect for you! Make everyone laugh out loud when you show up to the party in a comical Halloween accessory.

Where can I buy the best fairy Halloween costumes?

Whether you dress in a Fairy Godmother costume from Cinderella or just want to be the most dazzling mystical creature there is, Spirit has all of the best fairy Halloween costumes for you to choose from.

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