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Frequently Asked Questions

What is splenomegaly of the spleen?

Splenomegaly is abnormal enlargement of the spleen. Overview of the Spleen By structure and function, the spleen is essentially 2 organs: The white pulp, consisting of periarterial lymphatic sheaths and germinal centers, acts as an immune organ.

What are the physical findings characteristic of massive splenomegaly?

In massive splenomegaly, the spleen might be palpated across the midline of the abdomen and also extend to the right lower quadrant of the abdomen and in the pelvis. Additionally, blood tests can be administered to check the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, as well as the shape of red blood cells.

What causes splenomegaly in sickle cell disease?

Hemolytic anemias, for example, occur when defective red blood cells are rapidly destroyed in the spleen causing the spleen to work harder than usual and potentially enlarge. Sickle cell disease, in which red blood cells can take the shape of a crescent, or a sickle, due to defective hemoglobin, can also cause splenomegaly.

Is there a relationship between WBC and liver function and splenomegaly?

Statistical study shows that there is a relation between high WBC counts and elevated serum ALT (P<0.05) and high WBC counts and splenomegaly (P<0.05). Acute leukemia patients with leukocytosis are more prone to develop abnormal liver function and splenomegaly.

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