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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs and symptoms of splenomegaly?

Splenomegaly symptoms include mild pain, sensation of weight in the spleen area, the spleen may be palpable, under ribs (normal spleen is not palpable, and increases its volume only in pathological conditions). Palpation along with imaging test are indispensable to diagnose splenomegaly.

What is the primary etiologies of splenomegaly?

Although a wide variety of diseases are associated with enlargement of the spleen, the following six etiologies of splenomegaly are considered primary: Immune response work hypertrophy - Such as in subacute bacterial endocarditis or infectious mononucleosis RBC destruction work hypertrophy - Such as in hereditary spherocytosis or thalassemia major

What does splenomegaly mean?

Splenomegaly is defined as enlargement of the spleen, measured by size or weight.In the past, splenomegaly was a clinical finding, but in recent years, imaging studies have also helped to assess for or confirm mild splenomegaly. The spleen is a functionally diverse organ with active roles in immunosurveillance and hematopoiesis.

Is splenomegaly painful?

The most common complaint in patients with splenomegaly is mild, vague, abdominal discomfort. Patients may also experience pain,which may be referred to the left shoulder.

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