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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of a bad spleen?

One of the most common symptoms of unhealthy spleen is discomfort in the abdomen. The person will feel full even though he or she may not have eaten the quantity that they would normally eat when healthy.

How do you treat a damaged spleen?

There are two main types of treatment for a ruptured spleen: Surgical intervention and observation. Many people with a ruptured spleen experience serious bleeding that requires immediate surgery on the abdomen. The surgeon will cut open the abdomen and operate with a procedure called a laparotomy.

What are the signs and symptoms of splenomegaly?

Splenomegaly symptoms include mild pain, sensation of weight in the spleen area, the spleen may be palpable, under ribs (normal spleen is not palpable, and increases its volume only in pathological conditions). Palpation along with imaging test are indispensable to diagnose splenomegaly.

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