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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a split screen?

To create a split screen template (only in VideoStudio Ultimate) On the Timeline toolbar, click the Split Screen Template Creator button . In the Template Editor, choose a tool from the Splitting Tools panel, and drag in the editor window to split the area into different clip zones.

How do you split a split screen?

Way 1: Click on the split screen where the app is, and press Alt+F4 to close it. Way 2: Move the mouse arrow to the top left of Desktop screen, right-click the app thumbnail when it appears, and select Close in the menu. From the following screenshot, you can see that the split screen is closed. Related Articles:

How do I view a split screen?

Open Apps in Split Screen View From any screen or app, you can access the Recent apps screen by touching Recent. Touch one of the app you want to open in a Split Screen view. Touch Split Screen view on the app window The first app you opened will be on the top screen. Touch the second app you want to open from the bottom screen.

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