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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sponsor companies?

Sponsors are corporate entities that provide support within the financial services industry. This support can include providing underwriting for a stock, mutual fund, or exchange-traded fund offering. Another type of sponsor is an employer that provides benefits for its employees.

How do you find sponsors?

To find a sponsor, you need to “sell” your blog, from the design to the content. Make the sponsor want to post its advertisements on your site — not someone else’s. When you’re seeking sponsors, keep your blog dynamic, on topic, and well written. One of the best things sponsors do for your blog is legitimize your work.

What is business sponsor?

The Business Sponsor is the project champion who is committed to the project, to the proposed solution and the approach to delivering it. The Business Sponsor is specifically responsible for the Business Case and project budget throughout (however formally or informally this may be expressed).

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