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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best fishing in San Diego?

Here are just a few of the best places to fish in San Diego. Although Lower Otay Reservoir holds the county’s bluegill record at 3 ½ lbs and an 85lb 9oz catfish was once pulled from the lake, it’s more widely known as being one of the best bass fisheries on the West Coast.

How far is Mission Bay from SeaWorld San Diego?

SeaWorld San Diego. Mission Beach is only 2 miles from Seaworld. From Mission Beach, you take W Mission Bay Drive east to Seaworld. There are two bus routes (with either one or two busses each) that will get you from Mission Beach to Seaworld, and both should take about half an hour total.

How far is San Diego Zoo from Mission Bay?

The driving distance from Mission Bay to San Diego Zoo is 12 km.

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