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Frequently Asked Questions

When does school start in Spring ISD in 2021?

The Spring ISD Board of Trustees approved a 2021-22 Instructional Calendar on Tuesday that will have students starting classes on Aug. 11, 2021 and finishing school on Thursday, May 26, 2022. The approved calendar was one of two options presented to staff and the community for input in a survey that drew feedback from more than 4,100 people.

Where can I find the 2021-22 instructional calendar?

The 2021-22 Instructional Calendar is located on the Spring ISD website at Loading...

When do classes start in the fall 2021?

Fall Semester 2021 Aug. 17-20: Faculty Workshops/Convocation: Aug. 19-22: Huskies First Four: Days: Aug. 23: Day and evening classes begin: Aug. 27: Last day to drop full term courses with no financial obligation: Sept. 6: Labor Day holiday, No classes; Offices closed: Nov. 11: Veterans Day holiday, No classes; Offices closed: Nov. 23

When does spring break start this year?

Spring break will start after a half-day of instruction on March 11, with classes resuming on Monday, March 21. Throughout the year, students will have early dismissal days on Oct. 8, Dec. 17, March 11, and May 26 to allow for teacher preparation activities in the afternoons.

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