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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the BSB number at St George Bank?

When you leave money in your account, the bank pays you interest. You get a bank account number for each account that you have with the bank. Bank account numbers are up to 10 numbers long at St.George. A BSB NUMBER is the six digit code that identifies what bank and branch your account is at.

What do I need to register with St George Bank?

To register for St.George Internet Banking, make sure you have your card number or registration number as well as your Australian phone number. Within the St.George App we’ve introduced the Security Wellbeing Check – a comprehensive list of features that should be updated to ensure you’re provided with additional protection.

What is IBAN number for St George Bank Australia?

St. Georges Bank Australia does not give out their IBAN number. The SWIFT code is what is required to do wire transfers between banks. The SWIFT code is SGBLAU2S. St George Bank Limited BSB number for Merrylands branch?

What are the terms of use for St George Bank?

Before using Internet and Phone Banking, please read the St.George Terms and Conditions for Internet Banking and Phone Banking and before using Mobile or Tablet Banking please read the Mobile Terms and Conditions. 1 SMS Alerts are free for the Complete Freedom, Concession, and Retirement Access Plus, Email alerts are free.

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