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Frequently Asked Questions

How does St George mobile banking app work?

St.George Mobile Banking is designed to give customers full banking functionality in an easy to use, intuitive and secure environment. • Open an everyday banking or savings account in 3 minutes. • Share your BSB via message or email from Quick balance.

Do you need to register with St George Bank?

You will need to be registered for St.George Internet and Mobile Banking. Not yet registered? You can register in the St.George App. After you download the App, you will be asked to logon to your account, so it is important you know your logon details including your Customer Access Number, Security Number and your Password.

What are the terms of use for St George Bank?

Before using Internet and Phone Banking, please read the St.George Terms and Conditions for Internet Banking and Phone Banking and before using Mobile or Tablet Banking please read the Mobile Terms and Conditions. 1 SMS Alerts are free for the Complete Freedom, Concession, and Retirement Access Plus, Email alerts are free.

How to check your balance on St George Bank?

Easily check your balance or transfer between accounts in just a few taps. Tap the profile icon to update your contact and logon details – even add a photo. Tap the bell icon in the top left hand corner to set up notifications & alerts to stay on top of your banking.

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