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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a mortgage from St George Bank?

A St.George home loan expert will call you back. To talk with a St.George home loan expert, say "New home loan" when prompted. The information on our mortgage calculator is prepared without knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this, please consider if it’s right for you.

What's the interest rate on a St George home loan?

If you’re looking to buy a new house and don’t want to pay for features you may not use, you might want to consider the St.George Basic Home Loan. It offers a low variable interest rate with no ongoing fees. Eligible refinancers switching to St.George can get a $3,000 cashback.

Is there a limit to how much you can borrow from St George Bank?

At the time of writing, St. George Bank allows unlimited extra repayments on its variable interest home loans and extra repayments of up to $30,000 on their fixed rate home loans without break costs or fees applying. For fixed loans taken up prior to the 18th of August 2019, however, a repayment limit of $10,000 per year applies.

Are there any calculators at St George Bank?

Try our interactive calculators to help you plan and manage your finances. The information you enter is completely confidential and is not retained by St.George. Track and control your savings and expenses with the help of our detailed budget planner.

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