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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is St George Bank in New South Wales?

All St. George Bank locations (92) in New South Wales in shopping centres and malls. Look at the list of St. George Bank stores located in New South Wales including directions to store, opening hours information, gps, phone and contact information.

When do you logon to St George Bank internet banking?

When you logon to St.George Bank Internet Banking, you agree to our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions. New to Internet and Phone Banking? Register now

When was St George Bank acquired by Advance Bank?

St.George Bank branch in Chatswood, Sydney, 6 April 2005. The "good bank" was acquired by the Advance Bank, who kept it operating as a separate entity under the name of the Bank of South Australia, trading as BankSA. Advance Bank (and its BankSA subsidiary) was in turn taken over in 1997 by St.George Bank.

What is the annual fee for St George Bank?

For new Owner Occupier (Principal & Interest) Advantage Package Home Loans 4 , $395 annual package fee applies. LVR + above 60% up to 80%. Available for new loans as well as existing variable rate home loan customers looking to fix all or part of their loans. If you’re an existing St.George Home Loan customer, find out how to manage your home loan.

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