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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some steaks have more fat than others?

While some cuts of beef are naturally fattier due to intramuscular fat (marbling) – which is exactly what many steak-lovers want for tenderness and flavour – research has proven that this is actually a good fat and has positive health benefits, with no negative effects on lipoprotein cholesterol metabolism.

Which is the tenderest steak with the least fat?

Recommended cooking method: Grill as a steak, or use in tacos and fajitas. Tenderloin (or eye fillet) has very little intramuscular fat, and is the tenderest muscle in the animal, which makes it typically very sought-after. Recommended cooking method: Grill as a steak, and great as steak tartare.

What's the average weight of a strip steak?

Type of Steak: Strip (Sirloin) Average Weight: 214 g This is one of the most famous types of steak, but the name depends on your location. While it has the name strip steak in the United States, it just goes by ‘sirloin’ in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

What's the average weight of a flank steak?

1 Type of Steak: Flank 2 Average Weight: 383 g More ...

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