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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is the stakes winner?

Stakes Winner is a thoroughbred horse racing game similar to Winning Post, where players take control of any of the available horses, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, to compete against either AI opponents or other human players across multiple races.

Who is the winner of the Classique Legend Stakes?

Gytrash, the most recent winner of the Winner Stakes. The Classique Legend Stakes (Winner Stakes) is the one of the new races to be added to Sydney’s burgeoning Spring extravangaza, the Everest carnival. It is contested over 1300m under Set Weight conditions with no restrictions in regards to age or gender.

When did the stakes winner 2 come out?

Stakes Winner 2 is a horse racing arcade video game developed by Saurus, with additional support from AM Factory, and originally published by SNK on September 24, 1996. It is the sequel to the original Stakes Winner, which was released earlier in 1995 on multiple platforms.

Why is the Redzel Stakes called the winners Stakes?

The sprint race is officially called the Winners Stakes, and it will be renamed each year to honour the previous year’s winner of Australia’s richest race, the Everest. Hence, for the first running in 2019 which was won by Pierata, the race was known as the Redzel Stakes, after the winner of the 2018 Everest.

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