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Frequently Asked Questions

What is person who collects postage stamps called?

A person who collects stamps is called a philatelist. The American Philatelic Society is the world's largest group of stamp collectors, with approximately 32,000 members.

Do used stamps have any collector value?

Serious collectors will not usually be interested in a stamp in poor condition. As mentioned above, stamps on cover ( envelope) may be more collectible than separate stamps, especially old material. It may also be that the postmark has value.

Are old stamps worth any money?

Indeed, rare old stamps can be worth high amounts of money. This is from a collectible perspective. If you are asking whether an old stamp can still be used for postage, that depends on the currency stamped on it and the postal service’s rules on the use of older stamps.

Is an used stamp worth more than a mint stamp?

A mint stamp may also be in better condition than a used stamp which has passed through the mail. Sometimes, however, used stamps may be more valuable than mint ones where higher numbers of mint stamps have survived, perhaps because large numbers of mint stamps were bought by collectors but few used on letters.

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