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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a stamp collection?

The best way for someone to start a stamp collection is to pick what sort of stamps he wants to collect. There are certain classifications of stamps a person can start collecting from the mail, or by going to various stores or post offices.

How do I become a stamp collector?

The easiest way to become a stamp collector is to begin the process of finding and saving stamps. Stamps can be found on packages, postcards, and letters. Focus on a favorite subject such as art, history, animals, sports, or some other topic, and look for stamps that feature pictures of that particular theme.

How much does a stamp collection cost?

Your stamp collection can be as simple and inexpensive or expensive and elaborate as you choose. While a beginner's stamp album runs $5-$20, a complete, multi-volume world stamp album can cost $5,000 (that's just the album, without the stamps). It's estimated that 5.7 million people collect stamps, spending $1.18 billion each year.

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