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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy stamps at ATM machine?

Yes, at most Wells Fargo ATMs, they do sell sheets of postage stamps and charge them to any account linked to your ATM or debit card. You can also purchase postage stamps from both Wells Fargo ATMs or bank branch locations. You can get stamps for much less, online at along with FREE postage!

What is the cheapest postage meter?

The Mailstation 2 by Pitney Bowes (shown below) is an example of a postage meter that can be rented for as little as $25 per month. As one of the cheapest meters on the market, the Mailstation2 is ideal for any business looking to process low volumes of mail.

What is a stamp meter machine?

A postage meter or franking machine is a mechanical device used to create and apply physical evidence of postage (or franking) to mailed matter. Postage meters are regulated by a country's postal authority. A postage meter imprints an amount of postage, functioning as a postage stamp, a cancellation and a dated postmark all in one.

What is a hot stamp machine?

Traditional hot foil printing machines, also referred to as hot stamping machines, use either a metal printing plate (die) or traditional printing type in the form of movable loose letters to hot stamp the required image and text onto the product.

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