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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Buy Forever stamps online?

Where to Buy Forever Stamps. U.S. Forever Stamps can be purchased from the United States Postal Service at your local post office, online, or by telephone. Many other stores, like grocery stores and gift shops, also carry the stamps.

Where can I buy postage stamps online?

Postage stamps can be purchased at many retailers in the US. All local Post Office locations will sell postage stamps. Purchasing stamps online or at other certain retail locations can often be more convenient than from the Post Office.

Can you buy stamps online and print?

The best way to avoid lines and traffic at the post office is to buy postage online. Using your computer with Internet access, you can purchase and print enough postage to mail letters or ship boxes and other packages from your own home.

How do you order stamps online?

Order and pay for postage stamps online at The Postal Store, which is located on the site, for mail delivery to you. You also can reach The Postal Store by clicking the Quick Links tab on the home page and selecting Buy Stamps from the drop-down menu.

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