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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Stanwell Corporation a government owned company?

Stanwell Corporation is a Queensland Government owned energy company. We are a major provider of electricity to Queensland, the National Electricity Market and large energy users, our customers, throughout Australia.

Who is the owner of Stanwell Energy Queensland?

Stanwell Energy is owned by Stanwell Corporation Limited, a diversified energy business with a portfolio of power stations in Queensland. Copyright 2021 Stanwell Corporation Limited Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy

When did Tarong Energy become part of Stanwell Corporation?

Following a review by the Treasurer of Queensland of the state's electricity sector in 2010, Tarong Energy became a wholly owned subsidiary of Stanwell Corporation on 1 July 2011. ^ "Stanwell Annual Report 2010" (PDF).

Is the Stanwell Power Station a coal fired power station?

As a company that operates coal-fired power stations, it is Stanwell’s job right now to keep providing reliable electricity at prices that are affordable as the industry transitions to a lower carbon future.

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