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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Staples offer free shipping?

If your order does not receive free shipping, and the competitor's order offers free shipping, we will deduct the Staples shipping charge from the competitor's price, so that the Staples price match item total is the same as what the competitor is selling the product for.

What are the store hours of Staples?

Staples opening hours during the weekend are usually different. Staples Saturday hours typically begin at 9 AM and close at 9 PM as well. Staples is open from 10 AM to 6 PM on Sundays for most locations.

What is store coupon?

Store Coupons (SC) = A coupon issued by a particular store on the item (s) stated and/or pictured for use at that specific store only. For example, Target, Rite Aid and Walgreens often release store coupons, which are only allowed to be used at that specific store.

What is Staples shop?

Shopping Secrets. Staples is a premier office supply store offering general office supplies as well as tech support and printing. At Staples, not only can I get my standard reams of paper and ink pens for the office, but I can purchase other office necessities like paper towels and coffee.

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