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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Staples near me?

Staples near me is easy to find using our store locator. Looking for office supplies, store hours, or even online shopping, you can find it here. Find the closest locations nearby to get your shopping done in a timely manner. Easily look to see what time staples opens and closes.

How many locations does Staples have in the USA?

Staples has got 1575 locations in USA and totally 2281 stores in whole world with the retail range of theirs consisting of great number of products. Duty of all stores dictates them to be best place to present their products in reliable and reasonable price and quality extend. You can find all locations with Staples Store Locator

What kind of office supplies does Staples sell?

Staples® stocks dozens of office supply brands, making it easy for every home or professional users to find the items they need. Pens, pencils, and highlighters are a big part of supply shopping in an office setting. Pencils are a foolproof solution that work well for office employees, graphic designers, and drafters.

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