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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Star Wars pinball compare to Arcade1Up?

Unlike Arcade1Up's cabinets, Star Wars Pinball doesn't replicate games from an actual machine released in arcades. The machine is loaded with 10 game boards from Zen Studios' popular Pinball FX3 game, which you can also play on traditional consoles and PC:

What are Arcade1Up's virtual pinball machines?

That's where Arcade1Up's new virtual pinball machines come in. Much like it did with arcade machines, Arcade1Up has designed a digital pinball table that's both size-appropriate and much cheaper than standard pinball machines.

Is there a pinball table with Star Wars?

Featuring gorgeous Star Wars artwork, characters and sounds from the original trilogy, this replica pinball table lets you harness the force to rack up the points to save the galaxy. Pinball is making resurgence – not just with nostalgia-buffs and kids, but with seniors.

Is Star Wars Pinball a good value for home use?

This price range is becoming more of the norm for Arcade1Up. With 10 included boards and an impressive build quality, Star Wars Pinball offers good value for a home pinball machine. There are home pinball machines that feature even more boards, though.

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