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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Star Box food?

In 2008, he launched Star Box Food specializing in breakfast boxes, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks. “It’s All in the Box!” With the support of his amazing team, he is proud to serve many Biotech Companies, Hotels, and Start Ups in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Known for his excellent customer service and delicious products.

Why choose Starbox international for dry box container parts?

Starbox International is an authorised distributor of Dry Box Container parts for various major container manufacturers. These Dry Box Container parts satisfy the most stringent quality requirements in terms of material characteristics. Starbox International holds a wide variety of Reefer Container parts in stock for its customers.

Why choose Starbox for your produce packaging?

StarBox has been providing produce packaging for 40 years. Knowing the most valuable stuff is on the inside of the box, we work hard to make sure that you are covered. Our products are the top quality in the industry. StarBox has been providing packing room supplies for 40 years.

Who is the Star Box team?

Fabrice Boutringain CEO. and The Star Box Team (Brian, Edy, Werner, Edgar, and Salvador) "It's All in the Box!" We have been established since 2008 catering breakfast boxes, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks. We are committed to healthy food and work hard to provide excellent quality products and service.

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