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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose starboxx agency?

First established in 2000 in Berlin, Germany, starboxx agency’s popularity quickly spread through the German-speaking countries in Europe. With our professional and efficient approach, we seamlessly connect our models and actors with some of the world’s leading brands and companies.

Who is Star Box food?

In 2008, he launched Star Box Food specializing in breakfast boxes, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks. “It’s All in the Box!” With the support of his amazing team, he is proud to serve many Biotech Companies, Hotels, and Start Ups in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Known for his excellent customer service and delicious products.

Who is the Star Box team?

Fabrice Boutringain CEO. and The Star Box Team (Brian, Edy, Werner, Edgar, and Salvador) "It's All in the Box!" We have been established since 2008 catering breakfast boxes, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks. We are committed to healthy food and work hard to provide excellent quality products and service.

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