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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the state of Alaska's travel guidelines?

While the State of Alaska no longer has Mandates in place to control travel to or within the State, it has published several Health Advisories to inform travelers and employers on the best practices that they should follow in order to protect their workers and limit the spread of the virus.

What does it mean to be an essential worker?

An essential worker is a designated employee that is required to work during a business closure in order to meet operational requirements. Essential worker designation is determined by the state, along with the responsibilities of the employee, and the reasons for closing.

Who are the essential employees of emergency management?

In all U.S. states, first responders are required to work during a state of emergency. Examples of Essential Emergency Management Employees: Police officers. Firefighters. Paramedics. Emergency medical technicians. Fusion center employees. Hazardous material responders (public and private).

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