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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Alaska pay for college for essential workers affected by covid-19?

The state Senate passed a bill Monday that would pay university tuition for Alaskans who were employed as essential workers or were laid off when the federal COVID-19 emergency began. Senate Bill 10 would provide up to $10 million through the end of 2024 for people to attend Alaska colleges or other state-certified postsecondary programs.

How to contact the Alaska Division of workers' compensation?

Please see Bulletin 20-03 for additional guidance. We also encourage parties to email [email protected] or mail their pleadings and documents. The Division of Workers’ Compensation is the agency charged with the administration of the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act (Act).

How do I request an ADA accommodation with Alaska Workers' Compensation?

For more information about the workers’ compensation process, click the following links: To request an ADA accommodation with the Division of Workers’ Compensation, please email [email protected] or contact us by regular mail, telephone or fax using the contact information listed below for the Juneau Office.

What does it mean to be an essential worker?

An essential worker is a designated employee that is required to work during a business closure in order to meet operational requirements. Essential worker designation is determined by the state, along with the responsibilities of the employee, and the reasons for closing.

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