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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Alaska State Fair in Alaska?

Alaska’s largest event takes place in Palmer every August and early September, as the Alaska State Fair is a showcase of giant vegetables, concerts, contests, rides and food. The event concludes on Labor Day every year, and begins the Thursday 12 days prior.

Is the Alaska State Fair a nonprofit organization?

The Alaska State Fair is a local, self-sustaining, non-profit corporation established in 1936. Your generous donation contributes to the ASF scholarship program, Helping Hands program, school tours, My Fair Flower program and the overall health of the Fair. © 2021 Alaska State Fair, Inc a Private Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Corporation.

When was the Health Fair in Alaska founded?

Dear Friends! Alaska Health Fair was founded in 1980 on the dream of a physician who believed that the road to longevity rests in healthy lifestyles, which develop, in part, through education and screenings. Almost every state had a health fair organization of their...

Is the Alaska health fair an essential service?

Alaska Health Fair is a nonprofit organization serving Alaskans since 1980. We are considered an essential service by the State of Alaska. We have a state-reviewed and approved COVID19 mitigation plan in place to ensure the safety of our clients, volunteers and staff.

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