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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate unemployment in Michigan?

How to Calculate My Gross Income for Michigan Unemployment Regular Calculation Method. Your gross pay is your income before deductions, such as payroll taxes and health benefits. ... Alternate Computation. If the regular calculation method doesn't apply to you, you might qualify for benefits under the alternate earnings qualifier method. Benefit Amount. ... Eligible Number of Weeks. ... Other Considerations. ...

How many weeks of unemployment will you get in Michigan?

Michigan normally provides up to 20 weeks of UI, but in the COVID-19 emergency that has risen to 26 weeks; South Carolina and Missouri provide up to 20 weeks of UI.

What is the maximum unemployment benefit for Michigan?

Michigan unemployment insurance program issues a maximum of $362 a week. Twenty six weeks is maximum number of weeks for which you can receive these benefits. This makes your total claim amount to $9,412.

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