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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of New Jersey famous for?

New Jersey is called the Garden State because it became famous in the 18th century for the fertility of its land . It is now also among the most urbanized and crowded of states.

Is New Jersey a no-fault state?

New Jersey is a No-Fault State. New Jersey is a no-fault insurance state, which means if you’re in a car accident, your auto insurance carrier is responsible for paying certain damages from the accident, regardless of fault. So, the other driver could be clearly at-fault for the accident, but your auto insurance picks up...

What is the minimum wage in NJ?

NEW JERSEY'S MINIMUM WAGE Date Most Employers Seasonal & Small Employers (fewer than 6) Agricultural Employers *Cash Wage for Tipped Workers January 1, 2019 $8.85 $8.85 $8.85 $2.13 July 1, 2019 $10.00 NO CHANGE NO CHANGE $2.63 January 1, 2020 $11.00 $10.30 $10.30 $3.13 January 1, 2021 $12.00 $11.10 $10.44 $4.13

What are some fun facts about NJ?

Fun Facts Over 100 battles have been fought on New Jersey soil. New Jersey has the greatest population density of any state, making it the most crowded. New Jersey is a state of inventions. The Atlantic City Boardwalk was the world's first boardwalk. New Jersey is named after the Isle of Jersey, an island located off the coast of Normandy, France.

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