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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all of the state nicknames for Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Nicknames Keystone State Quaker State The Commonwealth Independence State The Oil State Coal State Steel State

How does the state flag represent Pennsylvania's?

Like many other state flags in the United States, the flag of Pennsylvania features the state's coat of arms. This coat of arms has multiple features that each have their own symbolism. A ship on the flag represents the state's commerce going to all parts of the world. There is a plough that represents the natural resources of the state.

What is the Penn State symbol?

The logo seen on many classroom podiums and the university’s official website is known as the “institutional logo” or “Penn State mark,” whereas the Lion is the “athletics symbol.” The Lion with a stylized “Penn State” attached to it in some way is the “intercollegiate athletics logo.”. Whatever it’s called, it works.

What is Pennsylvania's state motto?

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence is Pennsylvania's motto.

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