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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download my statements and documents?

Statements and documents can be saved on your hard drive and printed. They can also be downloaded in several formats and imported into a word processor, spreadsheet or database. Statement templates to help you download your statements and documents

How do I register for online statements and documents?

Click the Statements and documents icon in the right-hand menu, then on Accounts, investments and tax information slips under Register for online statements and documents. Select the appropriate folio. Validate your choice.

What are online statements and how do they work?

Online Statements are electronic versions of your paper statements and documents, available at no cost. 1 Whether you normally bank online, in branch, or mobile, being able to view your statements electronically is more convenient and better protects your personal information from theft.

How do I view my investment statements and documents?

Documents can be viewed by clicking the Statements and documents icon in the right-hand menu and selecting Mutual funds under Investment statements and documents. If you are not yet registered for Desjardins Funds online account statements and would like to do so, see Register for online account statements.

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