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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a static character in a story?

Static Character Definition: A flat or static character is a character in a story who possesses only one or two personality traits, and generally does not change or evolve throughout the story. A flat or static character is a character in a story that lacks depth and complexity, and tends to remain in a fixed mindset.

What does the term'static character'mean?

"Static" refers to whether a character changes: The term "static character" refers not to how deep or not deep a character is, but rather to whether a character changes.

How do you pronounce a static character?

Many of literature's most lifelike and memorable characters are static. Here's how to pronounce static character: stat -ik kar -ik-ter Most stories contain more static characters than dynamic characters.

Why do writers keep characters static and not dynamic?

But a dynamic antagonist can overshadow the protagonist, so writers often keep them static to maintain focus on the main character. A character doesn’t have to change to be interesting. A fool doesn’t need a learn a lesson to add humor or whimsy, for example. Plus, as mentioned, a character might prove more interesting because they don’t evolve.

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