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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Department of Statistics at the University of Michigan?

Check out our upcoming department events! Welcome to the Department of Statistics! Located in West Hall, through the iconic “West Engin Arches” on U-M’s central campus, the department offers top-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs.

Are there any statistics courses at U-M LSA?

Advisory Pre-requisite: One of (MATH 115, 120, 121) and one of (STATS 180, STATS 206, STATS 250, STATS 280, STATS 412, ECON 451). No credit granted if completed or enrolled in STATS/DATASCI 413. This course introduces methods for planning, executing, and evaluating research studies based on experiments, surveys, and observational datasets.

What can I do with math 520-521?

This course extends the single decrement and single life ideas of Math 520 to multi-decrement and multiple-life applications directly related to life insurance. The sequence Math 520-521 also help students prepare for some of the professional actuarial exams.

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