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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many football stats on footystats?

Bookmakers conveniently hide some of the stats that you will find on FootyStats, or simply offer the most basic form of stats that they can. This is because history is the best method to predict the future, especially with football. FootyStats finds those patterns.

How are football stats used in real life?

Football stats can be used for research, satisfying you own curiosity, or winning a bet with a friend over who has the best knowledge! The stats on FootyStats aim to help you make better decisions when it comes to betting on football. Currently, our data is used by large organizations such as Oracle, OneFootball, Yahoo News, and Telecomasia .

Which is the best site for football stats?

FootyStats is the premier football stats and analysis site, with data coverage in 500+ football leagues worldwide including UK, Europe, and South America. Team stats, League stats, and Player stats are covered with details on form, goals scored, conceded, shots, xG, corner stats, and more.

How are stats used in the world of soccer?

Soccer Stats is often used by pundits, prediction makers, and journalists to make informed decisions on future soccer/football outcomes. For example, journalists often quote stats such as Goals per Match to indicate how well a Striker is performing.

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