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Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit OLED image in SteelSeries engine?

Open SteelSeries Engine Select the gear you want to edit Open the OLED & Settings tab On the left side, select EDIT under "Edit OLED Image"

What kind of games can you play with SteelSeries?

Your SteelSeries Engine features integration for a number of games including CS:GO, Dota 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Minecraft, and more. View stats at a glance such as KDA, money, health, and a ton of other options for you to customize.

What do you need to know about SteelSeries cloud?

Settings across platforms. SteelSeries CloudSync lets you backup, share and sync your settings across all your platforms. Create a SteelSeries ID, login, and send your data to the cloud. Gamesense. Use in-game events like ammo, health, and cooldowns to trigger real-time illumination changes, OLED updates, and tactile alerts.

Which is SteelSeries keyboard has an OLED screen?

The following SteelSeries products feature an OLED screen: Keyboards: Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex 7, Apex 7 TKL, Apex 5 Mice: Rival 710 Headsets: Arctis Pro + GameDAC

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