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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open the Stellaris Console?

To open the console in Stellaris, all you need to do is press the ` key - it's usually located under ESC. If your keyboard doesn't have that key, or that key isn't working for you, here are other ways you can open the command console: To use the console, simply type in a cheat code and hit ENTER.

What do these console commands do?

Here Are 11 Console Commands Every Developer Should Know grep. The grep command searches for patterns in each file. ... ls. If the pathname is a file, ls displays information on the file according to the requested options. ... pwd. The pwd command is a command-line utility for printing the current working directory. ... cat. ... echo. ... touch. ... mkdir. ... tail. ... wget. ... find. ... More items...

What are the console commands?

Console Commands are special commands used to do actions that the game is unable to do without opening the CMD screen. Console commands are also used for players to test upcoming features that are not ready for an official release or are under development.

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