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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three crisis events in stellaris?

While there are some lesser events that are described as crises (the khan, the gray tempest, robot uprisings) there are only three true crisis events: the Prethoryn Scourge, the Contingency, and the Unbidden. 50 years after your end-game date there is a chance that one of the three crisis events will spawn.

What's the latest expansion for the game Stellaris?

The latest expansion for Stellaris, entitled Nemesis, allows players to assume the same level of power and threat as an endgame Crisis. Stellaris is a space exploration and empire-building simulator that is truly massive in scale. Originally created for PC, its older DLCs have also spread to its console versions .

When to choose the crisis Ascension Perk in stellaris?

Because of how drastic things can become, we highly recommend choosing the Become the Crisis ascension perk when you are ready to go to war with nearly every other empire in the game. You will have a new screen underneath traditions that you can visit known as ‘Crisis,’ where you can increase your menace levels.

What do Sentinel Admirals do in stellaris crisis?

Sentinel admirals have the Sentinel Training trait, giving them +20% damage against the Prethoryn Scourge. If the Prethoryn Scourge covers at least 50% of the galaxy the Sentinels will make a breakthrough in swarm anatomy, giving every empire +20% damage against the Prethoryn Scourge.

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