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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Stickman fight game?

Even though this game has easy controls, your timing ahs to be exactly right to progress through all the levels to become the ultimate winner of the battle. Head into the arena and hit as many stickmen as you can, while occasionally using the weapons that are reached out to you.

What is Stickman fighter?

In Stickman Fighter, an amazing reaction fighting game, you have to act really fast to throw punches and kicks in perfect timing to avoid getting beat up by hundreds of enemies. Clear levels to earn money and buy lots of upgrades to become unstoppable. There are different kinds of enemies, so don’t underestimate them...

Can you fight a friend to the death in Stickman?

In this cool game for 2 players, you can challenge a friend to fight battles to the death, more specifically, until your stickman is teared apart. Fight with your fists, feet, head, a sword and whatever you can hit your opponent with.

Who is the creator of Stickman fighter epic battle?

About the creator: Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle is created by Playtouch. They are also the creators behind the other Stickman Army and Stickman Fighter games. When you have finished all the levels in this game, you can also play the sequel Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle 2 on Poki!

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