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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the stimulus program in California?

For the 2021 budget year, the California government sent out one-time stimulus checks worth between $500 and $1,100 for million of taxpayers under the Golden State Stimulus program.

Are there any stimulus payments in the stimulus bill?

Neither bills contain any stimulus cash payments, and the Biden administration has repeatedly signaled over the past few months that stimulus is no longer a priority.

Is there going to be a stimulus check in 2021?

2021 has proven to be the year of the stimulus check, and then some.By the time it’s over, there will have been more than a half-dozen stimulus checks distributed by the federal government.That includes a third stimulus check for $1,400, as well as six monthly child tax credit payments.

Is the stimulus package going to boost the economy?

The Financial Times reported that economic experts have questioned the need for the direct cash payments and such a large stimulus package in general. Dropping COVID-19 numbers and an expected lifting of pandemic-related restrictions are expected to boost the economy in the coming months.

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