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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stockholm syndrome and how does it affect victims?

Experts on the subject suggest that it is an unconscious defense mechanism that the victim develops as a form of survival instinct. Stockholm syndrome also refers to situations of domestic abuse and other situations.

Is Stockholm Syndrome An example of emotional bonding and defending?

It is vital to understand that the bonding behaviours detected in Stockholm Syndrome are notable examples of “emotional bonding and defending” (Stockholm Syndrome) are to be found in many instances that made news headlines over the decades. For example:-

Is Stockholm syndrome in the DSM 5?

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM5, 2013) Before the fifth edition (DSM5) was released, Stockholm syndrome was under consideration to be included under 'Disorders of Extreme Stress, Not Otherwise Specified'. The work was updated in 2013, but Stockholm syndrome was not present.

What is corcorporate Stockholm syndrome and how can you avoid it?

Corporate Stockholm Syndrome happens when employees, who have been abused, bullied or harassed, develop a very strong sense of attachment and loyalty to the ones who mistreated them.

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