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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IATA code for Stockton Metropolitan Airport?

SCK - Stockton Metropolitan Airport IATA Code and KSCK - Stockton Metropolitan Airport ICAO code

Which is the closest airport to Stockton CA?

Nearest airports to Stockton, CA. Modesto City–County Airport (29.4 miles / 47.4 kilometers) Oakland International Airport (53.4 miles / 85.9 kilometers) Sacramento International Airport (53.6 miles / 86.2 kilometers)

How old do you have to be to fly into Stockton Airport?

Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK) is located three miles southeast of downtown Stockton. Dining is located inside the airport. Parking is available. Passengers up to 14 years old on the date of travel are considered children. Children 14 years and younger must be accompanied by a passenger that is at least 15 years old on the same reservation.

Who is the general aviation operator at Stockton Airport?

Atlantic Aviation is the sole fixed-base operator for general aviation services at Stockton Airport. Atlantic provides both Jet-A and Avgas for the entire airport - including Amazon Air and Allegiant, as well as leased hangar space.

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