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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do stone masons use?

Masons used stone tools such as hammerstones which were partially superseded by copper and later bronze saws, drills and chisels, and during the Late Period by iron implements. According to the traces and marks left on limestone blocks, they also used copper saws and drills.

What is stone work?

stone•work (ˈstoʊnˌwɜrk) n. 1. a construction built of stone; stone masonry. 2. the process or art of dressing, setting, or designing in stone.

What is a construction stone?

Riprap construction stone refers to a stone aggregate material that is generally quite rugged. The rock is crushed and screened to specific sizes in order to meet various construction and landscaping needs. Contractors, cities, counties, and many other people frequently find themselves in need of quality riprap rock.

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