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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix “stepping in the bucket?

To fix mental issues which trigger, “stepping in the bucket” you can try the following technique, “close your mind and open your eyes.” To achieve this, focus on the pitcher’s release point and track the ball for as long as possible before committing to your swing. Your subconscious mind influences your batting stride.

What does stepping in the bucket mean in baseball?

Stepping in the bucket means your stride foot (as a right handed hitter) goes out toward the shortstop (to the second baseman as a left handed hitter). When this occurs, your front side pulls off the pitch causing your front shoulder to fly open and your hips to open prematurely. In both instances, you sacrifice power, bat speed and plate coverage.

Is stepping in the bucket bad for your swing?

Why’s Stepping in the Bucket Bad for your Swing? Increases strikeouts, weak ground balls or “pop-ups.” Reduction of hitting power. Stepping away from the plate makes it difficult to reach an outside pitch. Reduces contact consistency. Triggers the number one hitting mistake; “pulling off the ball.”

How do you stop a batter from stepping out?

Batters, who step out, will finish with their back shoulder and top hand going towards their pull side. The back knee-pick-up drill forces the front side to the ball as the weight shifts and stepping out usually will not occur with this drill.

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