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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal definition of a stop?

stop. noun. Legal Definition of stop (Entry 2 of 2) : an act or instance of stopping specifically : a temporary detention that constitutes a limited seizure of a person for the purpose of inquiry or investigation and that must be based on reasonable suspicion — see also terry stop — compare arrest.

What's the challenge in stopot the online stop?

Your challenge is to fill all the blanks correctly and press the "STOP!" button before your opponents do it, but don't forget to fill it before times' out. Have fun with your opponents quirk answers while you validate them. PLAY WHEREVER AND WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Which is the best synonym for the word stop?

Choose the Right Synonym for stop. stop, cease, quit, discontinue, desist mean to suspend or cause to suspend activity. stop applies to action or progress or to what is operating or progressing and may imply suddenness or definiteness.

What are some examples of categories in stopots?

StopotS is a trendy categories game, also known as Scattergories and "City, Country, River". Firstly, categories are chosen to serve as a base for game dynamics. Categories like: Names, Animals, Objects and so on are examples of it. Once they're defined, a random letter is given to players and a new turn begins.

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