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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the jQuery store locator plugin work?

This jQuery plugin takes advantage of Google Maps API version 3 to create an easy to implement store locator. No back-end programming is required, you just need to feed it KML, XML, or JSON data with all the location information. How you create the data file is up to you.

How to make a store locator with the Google Maps?

To get your Google Maps API key, click this link, click "Get a Key," and follow the instructions. Copy and paste your key somewhere where you can see it, since we'll use it in the next step. Now we're going to create a map. Use the following code, and note that each piece is explained in the comments:

How to geocode a location in jQuery store?

To geocode all your locations you can use a free or paid service or use the geocode.html that I included. This provides a basic form and will use the Google Maps API to give you the latitude and longitude of the location you input. I’ve added JSON support as an option with version 1.2 of the plugin, which is completely optional.

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