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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tasks of a store manager?

The particular duties of a store manager will vary from store to store and from industry to industry, but in general, a store manager will be responsible for managing employee schedules and payroll; addressing any issues pertaining to sales figures; addressing employee firing, hiring,...

What are the duties and responsibilities of a store manager?

Some of the responsibilities a Store Manager has are: Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, disciplining and firing staff at the store Creating employee schedules, assigning schedules and responsibilities to employees, checking to see if these responsibilities and assignments are carried through in the store Training new employees and providing ongoing education for employees More items...

What are store management jobs?

Managers may also oversee the refitting or opening of a store, plan store layouts and design displays, decide selling strategies, and in some cases, represent the store in negotiations with manufacturers. In some companies, the store management job includes the requirement to stock shelves and work in a very "hands-on" way.

How important is the store manager?

Easily the most important role in the store is the store manager. This person sets the tone for the day, maintains the culture of the business, protects the brand, inspires the employees and shows compassion for the customer.

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