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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find your stored passwords?

To directly access the Stored User Names and Passwords Control panel applet, via WinX menu, open Command Prompt (Admin), type the following rundll32 command and hit Enter. The Stored User Names and Passwords box will open. Here you will be able to see the saved passwords and user names.

How do I Find my stored passwords on PC?

Click "Start," "Control Panel" to search your computer for the password. Click "User Accounts.". A dialog box will open. Click the account for which you would like to view the passwords. Click "Stored User Names" and "Passwords" or "Manage Your Network Passwords," depending on which platform of Windows you are using.

Where are my passwords stored in my computer?

Although your passwords appear as dots when you type them into password fields in your Web browser, they are conveniently stored in your computer's keychain access log. This log contains passwords, certificates and keys from websites you've visited and applications that require passwords. Open your Internet browser.

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