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Frequently Asked Questions

What animals have saved humans?

9 Amazing Stories of Animals Saving Humans Dolphins saving a surfer from a great white shark A whale saving a diver from cramps A dog saving a family from a wolf attack A dog saving a boy from a cougar An ape saving a boy after a fall Lions saving a girl from kidnappers A pig saving its owner from a heart attack

What are the best animal rescue stories in the world?

1. Three Lions Save Girl from Kidnappers 2.   Pod of Dolphins Protect Lifeguard and Family From Shark Attack 3. Sea Lion Saves Man Who Jumped Off Golden Gate Bridge 4. Deer Chases Away Woman’s Attacker 5. Beavers Comfort and Save Orphaned Boy

Why do we help animals?

We’re all familiar with heartwarming stories of humans stepping in to help save animals, whether that’s helping a dog stuck in highway traffic or even reaching into a shark’s mouth to remove hooks! We can see when an animal is hurt or struggling and we have an intrinsic desire to help them.

Can your dog Save Your Life?

As you'll learn, the relationship between you and your dog can save your life. Whether they're elderly, blind, scared or hurt, dogs have repeatedly taken split-second action to rescue people—most times, the very person who rescued them.

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