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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Livy's only surviving work?

Livy's only surviving work is commonly known as " History of Rome " (or Ab Urbe Condita, ''From the Founding of the City'' ), which was his career from his mid-life, probably 32, until he left Rome for Padua in old age, probably in the reign of Tiberius after the death of Augustus.

Was Livy married and did he have children?

Because Livy was mostly writing about events that had occurred hundreds of years earlier, the historical value of his work was questionable, although many Romans came to believe his account to be true. Livy was married and had at least one daughter and one son.

Why did Livy write the history of Rome?

Because he was writing under the reign of Augustus, Livy's history emphasizes the great triumphs of Rome. He wrote his history with embellished accounts of Roman heroism in order to promote the new type of government implemented by Augustus when he became emperor.

How would you describe Livy's personality?

"He was by nature a recluse, mild in temperament and averse to violence; the restorative peace of his time gave him the opportunity to turn all his imaginative passion to the legendary and historical past of the country he loved." Livy's teenage years were during the 40s BC, when a period of numerous civil wars throughout the Roman world occurred.

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